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2006-03-09 - 4:54 p.m.

Universally Happy

I did about a basquillion and one things today (I've been up since 7:30. SEVEN THIRTY ON MY DAY OFF, people!)

This morning, I was on a mission to 1) get organized, 2) get some moolah.

I rolled up a bunch of change and deposited it in my account. Grand total: $9.50. That's nearly 10 buckaroos!

So then I bebopped over to the pawn shop to sell that fancy watch I was given as a going away present many eons ago. I was all geared up to get the best deal (nothing less than $100!) and when I walked in and showed the watch to an associate, she said "Is this solid gold? We only buy solid gold." (Um, that's not what the BIG FUCKING AD IN THE YELLOW PAGES SAID. It said you buy ANYTHING OF VALUE!) So I said "I really dunno...." She looked at the inner band and said "Stainless steel. Nope. Sorry."

Well, never MIND then.

"Hey, you don't buy Zippo lighters, I suppose?" (Yeah, yeah. SHUDDUP. You never know! I grabbed it from my "shit to sell" drawer on my way out -- it was a strange gift from a strange fellow several months back)

"Um, nooo."

"Any other ideas? eBay?"

"Yep. That would be your best bet."

She had this somewhat snooty 'tude. This isn't Saks or Bergdorf's, sweetheart. You work at a PAWN shop.

Then I noticed on the far wall that they sell used DVDs and VHS tapes (See?!) I inquired about how much they bought them for.

"VHS tapes are 3 for $1. DVDs are 3 for $5."

"Does it matter which movie it is?"

"Well, stuff that's relatively current. No bargain bin stuff. And of course the DVDs can't have stratches or anything."

"Ok...good to know. Looks like I brought in the wrong items today. Thanks!"

As I walked back to my car, I was pissy I did not score MOOLAH for MY LOOT, but glad I finally got my ass up and went to the pawn shop. Now I know. I'm sure some other pawn place would buy them (maybe?) but she mentioned that I wouldn't get what I would for them on eBay.

That's what I thought ANYHOO.

And I was going to bring in my PC to Geek Squad at Best Buy (special thanks to Spike Assram for the gift card!!) but when I called them to get some idea of hourly rate/service time, etc, no one picked up the phone in that department. And I called twice. I didn't even get an "All reps are busy now" message or anything.

Did not inspire confidence. I wasn't quite ready to be parted from my sick laptop quite yet anyway, plus I might do more research in the next week, and keep tweaking to see if things improve.

So, I swung by the grocery store and picked up a few things, then noodled on home to take care of more cleaning/organizing/whatnot. I called the apt complex for a few maintenance requests I've been needing to get taken care of forever, then called mom while I was waiting (hoping) they'd show up today.

I prattled off all the stuff I'd been up to and told mom that there's something about clearing stuff out and getting stuff done that somehow provides "new channels" of things to come into your life from "the universe."

"Oh, I know that sounds crazy, but you know what I mean?"

"Oh yes, I do! All that stuff is such a mental and emotional weight. I totally know what you mean."

So we were chatting about that for awhile and she was telling me about all the new stuff she bought for the house (little deco stuff from Hobby Lobby). Ironic that I'm getting rid of stuff and she's buying stuff.

Anyhoo, I started to get really sleepy, so we wrapped up the call, and I went to take a nap while waiting for the maintenance peep.

Buddy started barking not 5 minutes later. It was the deep WOOOOOF, WOOOF! which means he wanted to go out, not that someone was at the door. I decided to take the dogs out for a quick walk.

As I shut the door behind me, I noticed an envelope in a baggie hanging on my door. WTF? We just got our monthly newsletter...Oh no. Did I miss the maintenance guy somehow?

I opened the baggie and found a package of microwave popcorn.

Wha...? I opened the envelope and saw a note: "Congratulations on guessing 5 out of 6 Academy Awards!"

Ohhhh. But...I didn't think they gave out anything if you didn't get all 6 right. I pulled out a smaller brown card and inside was a Starbucks gift card for $15!

A few minutes later, the woman from downstairs popped out of her back door and spoke to me. She hardly EVER talks to me. Uh oh. What is she gonna bitch at me for now?

"I've been meaning to talk to you about something. I know you think I hate your dogs."


"I know you must think that. The way I act when they get near me."

"Well, I uh..."

"I wanted you to know that there's a reason for it. I don't hate your dogs at all. They're quite beautiful. It's just that, a long time ago, I was chased by a dog and it bit me. It was awful. I've never gotten over it."

"Oh, I had no idea."

"Well, that's why I'm scared of dogs. I didn't want you to think I'm a bitch or something."

", not at all. (HA!) I know they sometimes like to follow you and try to sniff at you when they see you coming down the sidewalk. They get so excited when they see people. But they would never hurt you or anything."

"Oh, I know! I just can't overcome this fear I have."

"Oh, I completely understand, and I'm sorry about their barking..."

"Oh, I don't mind that ONE bit. Really. Not at all!"

"You know, it makes me feel so safe having them around. They'll bark if a cat meows in Ohio, so if anyone was lurking out here, we'd know it! And I like to think that they're keeping an eye around for everyone that lives over on this side of the building."

"Oh, they sure are nice protection. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I DO like your dogs...and why I've acted the way I have."

"Well, thanks for letting me know! Take care!"

OH MY GOD! BIZARRO! Why she suddenly decided to say that to me, I have no idea. My dogs haven't even seen her recently on the sidewalk, so it's not like we had a weird encounter the other day or something. I was so afraid she was gonna go off on me about something and instead she was all nice and explanatory....Weirdness! (But cool beans - I no longer hate her!)

So I went back inside, and was about to call mom about winning the Starbucks card, because I was amazed, after everything we'd discussed about "clearing new channels" and "the universe providing" and nutball astral plane hippie crystal karma talk, when suddenly the maintenance guy knocked on the door.

Yay! He cleaned out my bath drains (ick!) and fixed the toilet lid and said he'd bring some guys over another time to check the A/C (I scheduled it for next Thursday with the apartment folks).

Then I called mom to tell her about this little unexpected gift that landed on my door.

The universe is happy with me!

Today, I did good stuff. And I feel good.

I might still be broke, but I'm HAPPY. And I've got some gourmet coffee coming to me. Yeeeeeee!

Alright, I don't want to push the universe too hard with using my wonky PC, so off I go for now.

Biscotti and out-of-body experiences for everyone!

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